A Missionary Birthday!

April 21, 2012

The Missionary Boy Turned 19!!
The Farmer said that you don't really have birthday's in the mission field...
but happily that wasn't the case for The Missionary Boy!  The members took great care of him...
and after a good day of working hard...he celebrated with cake and some thoughtful gifts from the
members in his area.  In the picture above, The Missionary Boy is wearing a tie that
The Farmer used throughout his mission!  The Missionary Boy asked if The Farmer had
a special tie, that he could take with him into the mission field...and this was the one
he gave to him!  The Missionary Boy says he wears it on special occasions;)
We had a little birthday party to celebrate The Missionary Boy's birth,
complete with Earthquake Cake (his favorite...) and cupcakes for the little cousins.
The Farmer led the Happy Birthday song....with a fork...and everyone sang
like The Missionary Boy could hear them;)
IMG_8325 IMG_8329 IMG_8326 IMG_8340
Some people spent the day on the Bulldozer....it was therapy he said...
The layers of dirt looked like a spray tan gone bad!;)
It was a really fun little celebration of The Missionary Boy....
even though he wasn't with us.

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