Last Week....

June 25, 2012


Last week was filled with.... Cheerleaders! PreShie and the JSA Cheerleaders headed to a NCA Cheer camp in El Paso. They were very unsure about the whole experience....they are are new team, and haven't worked together too much...but they went. Day one...they were quiet, and took it all in...

Day two...they came home with a spirit stick...and were very excited about all the things they had learned that day... That evening, they did a little shopping, which they enjoyed very much! 250887_4304326445655_57188066_n

The last day of camp was filled with competitions...and nominations...and they were thrilled with the awards they came home with. PreShie was nominated for All-American as well as one other girl on Varsity Cheer. It was a great camp... they learned alot, and now they are all talking about the next
camp/competition...they could attend!

The Rooster came on El Paso on Friday. He wasn't too thrilled about hanging out with a bunch of cheerleaders...but he made the most of it;) He enjoyed doing a little "flying" at the mall...and some shopping to get ready for EFY. 553276_10150969373839484_949458943_n

Sunday morning, The Rooster and PreShie boarded a plane and flew to St. Louis, where they met a shuttle and traveled to Nauvoo to attend EFY. Rooster was pretty stressed about the whole idea...and well...PreShie consideres herself a world traveler, so a trip to St. Louis was "nothing." They arrived safely...along with Cousin Preston...and have settled in for a wonderful week in Nauvoo! It is pretty quiet around our house...sadly quiet...but I am thrilled that The Darlings are walking the streets of Nauvoo...feeling the beautiful spirit that is there;)

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Pedaling said...

What a great place to go for EFY!

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