Roots Before Branches...

June 13, 2012

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(Roots Before Branches...)

I gotta have roots before branches... To know who I am,
Before I know Who I wanna be... And faith To take chances
To live like I see, A place in this world For me
Whatever comes I know how to take it...Learn to be strong
I won't have to fake it... Oh, you're understandin'
The wind can come And do its best Blow me North, and South,East and West
But I'll still, Be standing,I'll be standing
If I have roots before branches... To know who I am... Before I know Who I'm gonna be
And faith To take chances... To live like I see A place in this world for me....

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Sunday began graduation week and all the celebrations that go along with it. These communities are steeped deep in tradition, which develops great "roots." Sunday evening was Seminary graduation, and because the JSA is a Latter-Day Saint school, EVERYONE attends Seminary...for 6 years...and they ALL graduate from Seminary. Isn't that fantastic!! This year our family will celebrate the graduation of three of The Lovelies... and a special cousin T.

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I love this time of year, it is a bitter sweet to let "our" kids go. The Cousins have spent their entire lives as they begin to leave us, we will all feel their absence. The family now has, two missionaries in the field...two Lovelies headed to college and Cousin T. with a mission call in his very hands...and will leave before the Summer is over. Doors are closing...others are opening. The Cousins are blessed kids! They are surrounded and supported by a very loving family! A family who has gotten alot of joy from watching them grow and develop into some pretty great people. I love them just like they were my own...those Cousins...I guess I feel like they are part mine;) The Cousins have the "roots" they need to now spread their branches. They are ready for the adventures ahead of them...and we their family are ready to watch them fly!

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Seminary graduation brought a great surprise. PreShie's on again..."friend" was asked to speak. Upon finishing his talk...which was well done...he was asked to remain at the pulpit. A member of the Stake Presidency presented him with his mission call...which had arrived at The Farmer's office on Friday. His parents and sister then joined him on the stage...and with the cheers of his school class encouraging him on...he opened his mission call. He was called to the Indianapolis, Indiana, Spanish speaking mission. It was a fantastic moment for everyone! What we found out later, was that he had really hoped he could open his call just the way he did! Seminary graduation. He had no idea it had arrived...none at all. We are so happy for him!
A great beginning to a very special week!


JZM said...

I have quite a few relatives in Indiana. I wonder if they'll cross paths. Fun with a new temple being built there too. I can't believe all the little Beehives I had are already graduating! How exciting! Is Victoria next year because of her later birthday?

Pedaling said...

These kids have great this--roots before branches.
something to remember.

her on again, off again, friend..haha
It seems like so many are getting called to the states, spanish speaking! very cool!

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