A Round-Up For One...The Final Installment...

June 5, 2012


Before I get started on the "final installment" of the round-up...I will apologize for the graphic nature of a couple of the pictures....it is life on The Farm for us...we have seen it and experienced it many times...but I will say that the first round-up I was present at...was a little overwhelming. But now...It doesn't bother me too much. Back to the story... Chencho was finally roped and because he is pretty big. The ropes remained on him...and the horses in place while the branding happened. When they are smaller...they can often be restrained without all the ropes.


This is when the seasoned cowboy...Chato...does what he came to do. Chato worked for The Farmer's Father for many years...he is very experienced. He now works for one of The Farmer's brothers taking care of his ranch. There wasn't anyone more perfect for this delicate;) job than Chato.
  He seemed happy to help! 130

The brand that had been heated in the fire..which was close by...was ready for use. I learned through this experience that brand placement is important...who knew???...Now that our herd is growing...I guess it will be important for me to know;) The cowboy who actually did the branding..seemed to have some technique...he did this rolling thing with the brand, which made sure Chencho has a very clear brand on his side. 134

The brand...Bar, Keyhole, Bar...belongs to Uncle Penguin's ranch. He was nice enough to let us use it. Chencho was very cooperative, I wondered what he was thinking about everything that was happening to him. Hopefully he wasn't thinking to much!


Once the branding was done...the most important part of the process began. Chato the cowboy worked quickly, thankfully he had done this for many years...and so exercised great skill. It was quick...and the whole cowboy crew stood by watching.


The results of the event...(above..)
Not sure what more there is to say about that...


The men removed the ropes from Chencho...the cowboy crew stepped away...and like nothing at all had happened...Chencho jumped up...and started to walk away.


...Relieved to finally be let go...I wonder what Chencho was thinking now...
"what in the heck just happened to me...??"


He made it back to his Dad...Nacho...and Nacho checked him out...licked him a few times...and then they walked off together and started doing, what they do best...eating.  I wonder if the father and son had a conversation.  If they did, I think it would go like this...."He Dad...", "yes, son...", "what in the heck just happened to me..?", "I really have no idea...I am just glad it wasn't me..." The Cowboy Crew gathered their things...they stood around to discuss the events of the branding.
  They had a few laughs...they shook their heads...and...


They ended the whole round-up event...like all round-up's in Mexico...with a little "lunch"! No part was wasted...and I do mean no part!!...I decided I should go, before someone offered me some "lunch" too...


Krissy said...

I love your blog! We know from experience how things run on the farm! What a fun story you will be able to share with your family for years to come. Keep it going.

BAS said...

The photo's in this story are great. Nice view for us city-folk into ranch life.

However, I am troubled that you have engaged in a three-part blog post on "castration."

Very insensitive to your male readers. :(

Poor Chencho

LaNae said...

Wow--I never knew about everything that happens on a farm! Great pics!

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