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January 23, 2013

One of the great blessings of living where I live...is that things don't come easy. I really am grateful for that...it helps keep things in perspective and helps me appreciate everything that we are blessed with. Right down to the chapel we meet in. In a nearby town, their church meeting are held in a home. It isn't a beautiful home...furnished with lovely things...it is just an empty cement home. The "chapel" is the living room, Primary...Priesthood and Sunday School are held in small bedrooms. The parking lot is dirt. And, that little branch is grateful for what they have.
Over the last few years I have visited that little Branch with The Farmer. There were times when we visited that only a few members of the Branch were there... other times the little humble house was literally packed. Every time I was there, there were wonderful missionaries...working hard to help those members qualify for a building of their own.
Every time I returned home from one of those visits...I found myself full of gratitude for the circumstances under which we meet to worship. Blessed...that is what we are!! When The Farmer began his church assignment a few years ago...he made a promise to the people in that little Branch. He promised them that if they would do the things that were expected of them...consistently...he would make sure that they would have a new chapel to meet in. That little Branch got to work. They did what needed to be done, they were sooo faithful.
When The Farmer happily reported the progress of this Branch, he was so proud of them. It gave him such joy. Only...he didn't get the result he was expecting... that they were expecting. And then it was back to the drawing board. A few more requirement...a few more things to do.
And again, the answer wasn't what they all hoped for.
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Finally The Farmer took his plea to someone who listened. Listened to the stories of sacrifice and committment...and then it happened. Approval was given...land was purchased and plans were drawn up!! And the members rejoiced!!
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Saturday was the ground breaking ceremony. It was fantastic! The previous Branch Presidents throughout the years were there...all 10 of them...the Branch Choir has prepared special musical numbers. White chalk lines marked the outline of the building to come, and heartfelt talks were given. The Farmer shared a little of the history of the church in that area and praised those sweet members for their faithfulness and committment.
  It was a very happy day for everyone!
 It was a day of gratitude and a day full of hope!!
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