When Your Day Begins With Enchiladas...

January 31, 2013

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You know it is going to be a good day...when enchiladas are involved!!
Last Saturday was the funeral of our neighbor Don Chato. My day began with enchiladas
 as they needed to be made for the family dinner that would immediately
follow the funeral service. The problem with enchiladas in my house...
is they get eaten as fast as you can make them!
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We had them for breakfast...for lunch...and for dinner;)...And why not?!!
Oh my goodness they were good!!
The service was really nice. Those kind of events turn into wonderful family reunions.
He family are great people and are a tribute to their parents.
Life is great at the moment...just really busy.
Pres. Timothy & Sis. Judy Jones with us at M.O.
The Missionary Grandparents are doing just great!
 It is so fun to hear about their missionary life, and the great experiences they are having.
 I think they are nearly freezing to death with temperatures at -8 degrees some days.
 It is a great blessing to our family to have them serving!
The Missionary Boy is fantastic! He will be home in August and I am already "nesting"!!
He has been transferred this week, and we are still waiting to hear from him to know where he is. What an incredible experience it has been for our family to have serve!
He has grown so much!! It will be really fun to get to know
him all over again when he returns.
Tuesday night a very big announcement was made for Mexico. The Benemerito, which is the church school...the sister school to the JSA...will be converted into a MTC for Mexico. They anticipate it will be the second largest in the world, receiving and training 1500 missionaries every two weeks. Elder Holland and Elder Nelson came to Mexico to make the announcement. Like someone sweetly said..."our beloved Benemerito has been called on a mission!" I thought that was a very special way to look at it. This decision will displace nearly 2000 students who had planned to be educated there. It will mostly likely effect our school here in the Colonies as well. What a thrill for the church in Mexico! Along with Elder Holland and Elder Nelson, 8 other general authorities were here for this announcement, some say that it was a historic moment for Mexico having that many general authorities here at one time has not happened before. The missionaries here in our mission tell us that their mission will be growing significantly in the next few months.
The Missionary Boy tells us the same about his mission.
 It is incredible to watch the growth of the missionary force...
it is incredible to see the desire of the youth to serve!
On January 23, the MTC in Provo received the first round of young missionaries.
 Since the announcement last October conference of the age change for missionary service. The response has challenged every system of the church.
 Last week it began for the MTC.
  I think this picture is incredible!! Missionaries ready to serve...
and parents laying their offering on the "altar"...their children. It is a thrill to watch!!
The weather has been strange lately...some days really really cold, and other days very Spring like. The orchards are being pruned, and hope is in the air for a successful farming year.
Many big changes have happened for us in the last few weeks regarding our businesses...
all good changes, and we definitely have seen the hand of the Lord guiding the process.
 We are full of gratitude for Tender Mercies... great partners whom we also call dear friends...
and positive resolutions to difficult problems.
We look forward to a great year of growth and progress.
I finished my blog book for 2012...it is in the mail...I should pick it up in the next few days. It is the largest book I have done so far and I can't wait to get my hands on it!! I am currently working on a book for The Missionary Boy, of his letters home during his mission.
We will have to work on the picture book after he gets home...I am going to need his help!
The Darlings are great! PreShie is getting closer to graduation...which is really hard to think about. The Rooster will be 16 in May....WHAT????
 I am not sure I am ready for that!
 We have a few fun trips ahead of us...tons of activities already in place for the Summer...
and the anticipation of getting our Missionary Boy home from his mission.
 PreShie has been accepted to several universities. She is leaning toward Utah State.
  The Missionary Boy also has been accepted there, so we have a fun Fall ahead of us too!!
Go Aggies!!!
I am grateful that along with life's challenges come great moments of joy...
and like the Missionary Boy said not too long ago...
"that is what the good is for...to balance out the difficult times."
  And I agree!

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