In Search of Snow...

January 14, 2013


In search for a little more snow to play in...and to celebrate the end of Christmas Break...the "family" headed to the nearby mountains in search of a little more snow to play in.
The kids were all bundled up ready for a big adventure.
(There were two more cars along with these...)


Lunches were packed...sleds were packed and off we went!
We found a spot...made a fire and warmed...YUM!!....burritos warmed over
a fire are the best!!!

My favorite barn in doesn't matter what the season it...
I love that barn!!!


Aunt Shauna discovered the these two treats combined
are pretty yummy!!


When you see the picture that will understand
the looks on every one's faces...


That by the way is our dear Uncle J.


PreShie and Cousin Niko had a small sledding wipe out with
one of the younger cousins...everyone was just fine...


PreShie took this picture when we were heading home after a long
and very fun day of sledding in the mountains.
She loved the pink hue that was in the sky as the sun was going down.
Nobody does it better than the was a great day!!
(some of the pictures were taken by PreShie..some by Aunt Shauna...and some by me!)

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