And We Wait....

March 1, 2014

victoria mission call
While PreShie was home for Christmas, she began to work on her missionary paperwork.
She has patiently waiting the chance to serve an 18 month mission.
 Due to problems with her teeth, this opportunity has been delayed.
 But at Christmas time, she did all that was necessary to complete her paperwork.
And then she left and went back to school at USU.
She knew that around the month of February, the paperwork could be submitted.
 The day came...and The Farmer pressed "submit."
The Farmer called PreShie to let he know what had been done, and not to expect
  anything in the mail for a month to six weeks. And so we all settled in for the wait.
Last week, just for fun, The Farmer check his link into the missionary department
and found that not only had her paperwork arrived in Salt Lake City...where
the assignments are made...but that her assignment had already been made!
This timing is unheard of in our area. Typically it takes several weeks for the
paperwork to even get to Salt Lake City.
And now...we wait...
So while we wait we tested out the Skype call...
to make sure it was working well.
jordan and cat
It was so much fun to see The Darlings!
Here is The Boy with his new "glow in the dark" cat shirt that The Rooster sent
 him for Valentine's Day...very nice!
jord and toria skype
Oh, I miss these two!
They are a lot of fun!
 I LOVED Skyping with them!
photo (10)
Here is the map that PreShie has going in her dorm at school.
It has been used by others who are also waiting for mission calls.
Everyone stops by and makes their guesses.
photo (11)
This is the map we have in the entry of our home.
The guesses are all pretty fun! Many have made us laugh!
It will be very fun to finally see where she has been called to serve,
and truly, it doesn't matter. Wherever it is...she will be happy,
and she will give it her all. In the meantime...
we wait!

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