Church Ball...

March 20, 2014

What is it about Church Ball that gets to everyone?
It tends to be a very emotional experience for everyone involved! I know it has been for us;)
 Last night's game was especially hard. Our boys lost by one point in an overtime.
 They gave it a good fight, but it wasn't quite enough.
The ward team, this year is made up of my nephews, and their cousins.
The Farmer's Mother has been especially proud to watch her "posterity"
 (as she calls them) play together.
Another perk to small town living;)
The Rooster's number changes from game to game...
but his black striped short remain the same;)
His lucky shorts!
It has been a lot of fun to watch our boys play together!
Thanks to another cousin we have the great pictures! He is a great photographer
 and got some fun shots. Thanks Jared!
That's The Rooster...going up for a shot...which he made;)
Here he is again...
And again...
534423_10152272656902048_1814994866_n 15175_10152261240027048_1511411176_n 10013825_10152285766807048_593337632_n
The tournament will end this weekend with the winners playing the full time
missionaries in our Stake. Now that should be fun!
Can't wait!!

1 comment :

Pedaling said...

the rooster has good game face!

church ball is a good way! ted never plays....all his years playing bball, it was church ball where he tore his acl! grrr

playing the full time missionaries...what a great idea!

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