Harvey, The Noble Steed...

March 19, 2014

Harvey...The Noble Steed.
I have written about Harvey before, but he is worth another post today!
 That is for sure!
Harvey is a miniature mule.
 When he was born, it was thought that he would be a darling little mini
horse that the small children could enjoy and ride.
 NOPE! He was born a mule.
 Because he is a mini breed, he was really small at birth and thought for a
long time that he was a dog. Since so many dogs lived nearby him,
he spent a bit of time with those dogs and took on a barking/screaming
type of sound. If you are not used to hearing it...or...even if you are...it is
very unusual and startling. Really it is!
A while back, Harvey went to live with a man who understand horses,
and was certain that he could train Harvey and tame him.
So Harvey was returned to live with a few other small horses.
But...there is the terrible scream/bark, and it was upsetting the neighbors;)
We offered to move Harvey with our horses and cows in hopes that he
would be happy and wouldn't bother anything...and...truthfully,
I really enjoy the little mule so I thought it would be a good time to have
him with our other animals.
The "Aggie" Darlings spent their Spring Break with us last week
and I happened to mention to the Aggie Boy, that we should move Harvey to
the nearby pasture. Then the discussion began...Harvey couldn't be put in with
 the horses because he would chew their tails off, so he would have to live with the cows.
 We were pretty sure he wouldn't bother animals with such long
horns on them! Now...The Aggie Boy really likes Harvey too!
  So, one morning...he announced that he was going to move
Harvey to his new home. I grabbed my camera...
I knew this was going to be a lot of fun! And off we went!
After a bit of chasing...lots of laughing...
cars stopped on the street watching The Aggie Boy captured Harvey.
027 172 180 065 064
Part 2... Introducing him to his new friends at the Solecito...

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Lexi said...

Those photos of such a tall boy on that tiny mule... HAHA! This post made my day, thanks for sharing!!

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