Dear Friends And The MTC...

July 17, 2014


This is our glimpse of Sister Precious at the Provo MTC.  Thankfully I have a very
dear friend who is a nurse there.  She wasn't in the day that Sis. Precious checked in,
but the moment she was back to work she tracked our beauty down to make sure
all was well with her.  I sure do appreciate her and the love and support she has offered
my children, especially Sis. Precious.  When we were saying our good-byes on the curb
of the MTC...I told Sis. Precious that if she got really sad or needed anything to find
Nurse W. and she would take care of everything.  I sure am grateful to that dear friend
of mine...And I am REALLY grateful for the the sweet photo of our Missionary Girl!

We left Provo this past Monday.  It was extra hard for me to leave this time, most likely
because I was leaving The Aggie Boy and Sis. PreSh behind.  It made me really happy
to be so close to them.  It made me really happy to have the Aggie Boy pop in
and out of our little rental house for a few minutes a random moments.
As we left Monday we knew that Sis. PreSh was going to call us the Tuesday morning
before she flew to her mission.  The time was set...between 4:30-7:00am.
As I went to bed Monday night, I was sure to check my phone...and turn up the ringer.
Well...I awoke at phone missed calls...I wondered what had
happened to our Missionary.  Just then the phone rang...and she quickly asked why we hadn't
answered...she had called 10 times;)  Turns out she had called the home number instead
of the Cel. number.  Anyway...what a wonderful visit we had!  She sounds great!!
She shared many experiences with us...what she had learned...what she was feeling.
And we shed tears together.
It will be hard not to talk to her for the next few months.  Until Christmas to be exact!
But she is ready for this experience. 

Once she arrived in Sacramento she email to say she was there and it was really beautiful.
I am grateful for Sis. Precious!  I am grateful she has chosen to serve!

p.s. speaking of dear friends...Sis. Precious had a friend from school as her companion
in the MTC...Sis. Briggs!!! What a small world!

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