July 2

July 3, 2014

July 2.
It came faster than I thought it would.
Her check in time to the MTC was 1:00.
We spent the morning having breakfast together...
Closing suitcases...
just soaking her up for the last few minutes that she was ours.
  There were other good-bye's that hurt her heart a little.
But never did she waiver in her position to serve her mission.
It is something that she had planned to do her entire life.
And then the time came... The Farmer gathered our small family together,
 we shared our feelings about our Precious. We shed lots of tears.
The Farmer then set PreShie apart as a full time missionary.
It was a very spiritual time for our family.
And then we loaded her bags into the car...and headed to the MTC.
. DSCN9991
We, along with many other families,
then unloaded our very most valuable possession onto the curb of the MTC.
We held as tight as we could to our Precious, for as long as we could.
And we cried.
  Not because we were sad, but because we will miss her.
We are so blessed to call her ours.
  Gratitude brought this Mom to tears...
that she would pause her life for a time of service humbles me.
DSCN9992 DSCN9986
I know that The Farmer's heart broke a little on the curb of the Provo MTC.
He and PreShie have a very special connection.
But he was brave...mostly for me I think.
And then it was time.
Time for her to walk away from us and walk toward an amazing adventure.
. DSCN9995
And we stood and watched her go.
The most "bitter"...yet..."sweet" moment a parent can have.
Oh how we will miss our PreShie Girl...what joy and excitement she has brought to our family.
  I can't wait to hear about her adventures a full time missionary...she is going to be amazing!!
And then...
we went to Sodalicious to drown our sorrows...
and for the record...
It didn't work! ;)

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