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July 1, 2014

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We find ourselves in Provo again this year...
it is always a much needed "rest" mostly a mental and emotional rest from our day to day lives.
This year is no different! It also seems that each year as we come to this beautiful place,
we are having new experiences. Last year, we were counting down the days until the
Missionary Boy returned home to us. And this year...we are counting down the days until our
beautiful PreShie becomes Sister PreShie and begins her journey as a Sister Missionary.
Tomorrow is the day...the MTC day.
 Two years ago, the Summer before the Missionary Boy began his service, we were also in Provo.
  I wrote about what it was like to sit and watch families take their missionaries to the MTC,
they drive away. I considered myself lucky because the Missionary Boy would have his
 MTC experience in Preston England, and I wouldn't have to be one of "those" parents who did
the drive through at the MTC. But that's the beauty of life...I am now one of "those" parents and will
have that experience that has already been had by so many. What I have learned since the
The Missionary Boy served his mission, is that I will survive;) and they really did let him come home!
 I know...silly...but there were days that I wondered if he would ever come back.
  So this time...I am going into this experience with a little more strength.
 Or atleast I think I am.
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The days here have been a perfect delight.
 Our family together...beautiful morning walks...connecting with old friendships...
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Welcoming missionary friends home...checking in on the Trucker Boy...
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Yummy food...lots of laughs...
late nights just being together...
trips to the lake... and dreamy sunsets...
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It's the best I tell you...The best!

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