A Farmers' Gotta Farm...

August 20, 2014


A few days ago The Farmer and I decided to spend the morning checking the farms. 
 It is so beautiful here right now! 
 The abundance of rain has made it very plush and green...and muddy!


These are a few of the "Farming Crew." 
 Please notice The Rooster in the middle...;)...


The Farmer doesn't get to spend too much time on the tractors much anymore. 
 His days are filled with other issues. 
 But, every once in awhile...The Farmer "gets lost" and this is where he is usually found. 
 It's a therapy of sorts. 
This picture appeared in a text message in the last couple of days with this note... 
"Sometimes The Farmers' gotta farm!" 
And there you have it!!!

photo (1)

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