Hobble Creek With The Family...(catching up)

August 12, 2014


 One of the best parts of our trip to Utah this Summer was the opportunity to spend 
some good time with our AZ family! I am pretty smitten with The Brotherhood...so when 
I get to spend some time with them it is a treat from me! 
 Three members of The Brotherhood were either in Utah themselves, 
or their family was there. It was great to have some of them stay with us...
where we really enjoyed some quality time together! 
 One of our many adventures was at Hobble Creek. 
We traveled together...led by The Farmer...who I might add didn't really 
know where he was going to begin with...but as he stated very proudly upon arrival
..."well...we got to where we needed to be didn't we??!!" 
 And yes we did! 
We took food...the kids played in the Creek...
the teenage girls talked while laying in the beautiful green grass...
and the adults visited and laughed...ALOT! 
It was the perfect afternoon!

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