A Flying Rooster...

August 11, 2014


At the beginning of the Summer, The Rooster decided that he "needed" a different 
motorcycle so he could join his friends riding and racing. When he approached 
The Farmer about his idea The Farmer replied..."sure why not!"...
"So, Rooster... how will you be paying for that much "needed" motorcycle?" 
 Well, as you might imagine, The Rooster felt a little sad. And so we sat down, 
The Rooster and his Mother...and came up with a list of ways he could earn enough money 
to purchase his desired motorcycle. The list looked a little like this... 
 1. Sell Ramses (our beloved baby bull) 
2. Sell Violet (another beloved Longhorn) 
3. Sell small motorcycle 
4. Sell bails of Alfalfa 
5. Work everyday, mowing orchards...bailing hay...doing whatever needs to be done, 
with a set amount of pay at the end of the week. 
 After looking at the list, The Rooster was excited...it seemed reasonable.

Well, as he began to work on his list of money making opportunities, 
 he realized...quickly...that it wasn't going to be as easy as he thought. 
He worked and worked each day. After a little time he sold the smaller motorcycle 
and make a small payment toward his goal. Time passed and it began to seem that the 
goal was out of reach. When it came time to sell the Longhorns, The Rooster realized that 
he just couldn't do it. He loved them too much! So that just wasn't an option. 
 He even came from work one day, after working at the farm where the Longhorn Family live, 
and told me that Ramses the baby bull Longhorn, just wanted to have his head rubbed and rubbed. 
 And then The Rooster said..."Mom,he is just too nice to sell!" 
And truthfully it was breaking my heart too! 
But it was in important lesson that The Rooster needed to learn. 
 Sacrifice is a part of life.
  After a LONG Summer...wishing, hoping and working...
The Rooster finally made it happen! Saturday was the day he made his final payment! 
 And boy was he happy! 
 Saturday afternoon he and a group of friends headed to a nearby motorcycle track to ride. 
 An organized race/competition was planned for Sunday, but he knew that Saturday was his only 
day to ride. The Farmer and I met him at the track and enjoyed watching him...enjoy himself so much! 
The memories of his older brother, The Aggie Boy, racing at this same age, 
returned all to quickly. The memories of the hospital visits and surgeries also came back.


 So I said a little prayer...
each time he circled the track that he would be smart...and he would be safe.

 And then it happened...not to The Rooster, but to one of his good friends.

A missed jump...a bad landing...and a trip to the hospital. 
The friend's parents were out of town, so The Farmer rode to the hospital in the 
ambulance with the young man. Once at the hospital, it was determined 
that his leg had been broken.

  photo 2photo 

 He will be fine...and we are grateful it wasn't worse. 
So here we go again...proud of The Rooster for setting a goal for himself 
and working hard for it...but now I pray!

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