November 19, 2010

When we brought PreShie home from the hospital after she was born...
The Boy...who was only 18 months old, held her on his little lap and
patted her so tenderly while saying ...
He called he that for a long long time.
He loved her from the moment he held her...and she has adored him, wanting to be where he was, and do what he was doing...she has been has biggest fan. Skip ahead a few years...and
many sibling moments where The Mother has wondered if they would ever like each other again...but always when times were difficult or really great...they have been each others
greatest supporter. This year has been a little different. She knows his mission is coming up soon....he too knows that before long, he won't be around for the teasing moments. Now I hear them talk about their challenges with each other...I hear her ask him about her outfits and if she looks cute. And I hear him kindly encouraging her or complimenting her.
Yesterday she came from school and told me of an experience she had had with The Boy at lunchtime. He had defended her, quite publicly, for something she had not done.
He stood up. He stood up for her.
I can't begin to explain the look I saw in her eyes as she told me what her Big Brother had done for her. It was pure love, it was adoration. It was how I had always hoped it would be.
The Boy didn't mention the experience...but when I asked...he recounted the moment and said
he had most likely lost a few friends...but that was okay with him.
And I said..." stood for the right today and I am proud of you...but most of all
you stood for your sister today...and that means everything to me...and to her."
On the way home from an activity last night..PreShie and I were alone in the car....she said..
"Mother dear I love you so.....(not really but I can pretend right???)
what am I going to do when the Boy isn't around to help me....I am a little afraid."
And I said..."You don't need to be afraid PreShie everything will be just fine...but you will
now need to take care of The Rooster like The Boy has taken care of both of you.
It will be your job to care for him." And she agreed.
Here's to The Darlings.....they know what family is all about!



Bethany said...

Gosh...I'm sitting here crying eating my breakfast haha. Your kids are the greatest. It makes me really happy to hear that they are being good to each other. I miss you all soooo much. Seems like its time for us all to get to Mesa and take a load off. See you next week! Love you, sis.

Cathy said...

What a tender post! And the best thing is that as they marry and have children of their own their siblings become their very best friends and your children become YOUR best friends!! It's awesome!

Pedaling said...

that comes with the proper teaching and example in the home.
so wonderful....

Kimberly & Kids said...

What a wonderful story and lesson for us all. It made me think of my oldest son and daughter and how they became so close and had each other to count on, when they moved away during Brady's senior year and Brinkley's sophmore year. They thought they would die...but they had each other. Now my boy has been gone less than a week at the MTC and we are all missing him dearly. The home isn't the same with him gone, but I feel a deep sense of reverence and gratitude that he is serving the Lord and setting such a wonderful example for this three younger brothers and for Brinkley. Kasey, my freshman in high school is missing him brother so much. You can still see the hurt in his eyes. He had a hard time reading Elder Lester's first letter since he left. It was a great letter but Kasey misses him so much. And today, I have been missing him and your cute kids just helped those flood gates open. I tried to stay strong, but I needed the cry. What a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing. I could stare at your kids all day. Darlings is the right name.

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