A Fairytale Princess...

November 11, 2010

The Boy spent his day as a Tinkerbell yesterday.
The Rooster said....he seemed to really enjoy it;)
The Sadie Hawkins Dance is coming up very soon....and a group of The Boy's friends
were asked to the dance, by a group of young ladies with a great sense of humor.
At the begining of the day, the boys all dressed as Disney Princesses and were led from
classroom to classroom looking for clues.
It was the talk of the school.....the boys were great sports....and they had alot of fun.
The parents of The Boy could not be more proud of their darling Tinkerbell!
He sure made a cute one!

The Fairytale Princesses!

1 comment :

Pedaling said...

all boys like to dress up as girls....it's kinda funny.

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