It's Not Unusual....

November 9, 2010

A few days ago....early in the morning....The Farmer and I set out on a little trip.
Mornings, on the highway leaving our an interesting place to be in the morning.
It is in the morning that ranchers who own small herds of animals are leading those herds to
locations that they can graze for the day. Very often you will encounter herds of milk cows, herds of goats and sometimes sheep, literally on the highway while the ranchers are working
hard to manage the animals to a secure and "fattening" location. Traffic stops, giving
those hard working men a chance to do what they need to do. No one gets mad, no one
honks their horns, everyone just sits and waits....patiently. The mornings are crisp and cold now. The ranchers are bundled in coats, and you can see the breath of the men and animals,
as they head out for the day. It is a moment worth watching.
It is one of my most favorite scenes of the day.
I am afraid that in 10 years we won't see things like this anymore. Ten years ago it was not unusual to see wagons pulled by horses drive along the road in the center of town.
Now it is a rare sight.
While on that same we passed the river, I watched a man, manage a large stump of wood, balancing it on his bicycle, while he walked along side holding tight to the stump. It was much to heavy for him to carry, yet he found a way to transport it.
He was taking it to his home to cut for firewood, to heat his possibly cook with.
It was impressive to me that conditions were not easy nor ideal .....but he made it work,
I thought about the wood on my porch...that I did not cut myself....that was delivered and stacked so that...heaven forbid...I not get cold;) And I gained a greater appreciation for what I have. My heart pained for the man who had so little and then The Farmer said...
"I would be willing to bet that, that little man is a happy man....that he finds joy in his day...and that he feels accomplished because he has done something hard today.
I would be willing to bet that, that man is happier than most people we will see today."
I love living in a place where there is still need.
Where opportunities to serve are not hard to find. Where contentment is found in very small things like a small herd of animals, and a stump of wood. I love that my children see it everyday
of their lives. I love that they ask...when it gets cold...which of our employees children need
coats, so that we can make sure they have one. That The Darlings spend a vacation day from school, chopping wood for the those in our area who need wood for warmth.
They are blessed children to see need....and to offer service!
Just reason number 1,000,000 of why I love where I live!


Pedaling said...

I love many things about your life.
It's inspiring.
Thanks for sharing a bit with us.

Cassie said...

I love to see what YOU see. It's incredible to me that I grew up in that place and failed to notice so many of the things that make it such a special place.
Thank you. :)

Kelly said...

I love your insight! You always see the best in others and the positive around you. YOu are one of those reasons WE are blesses to live here... we live by you my friend!XXOO

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