Dia De Los Muertos...

November 5, 2010

Just a few years ago, Halloween was totally different than how we celebrate it today.
It used to be that huge groups of people would come from all areas of the city to
Trick or Treat in our community. Everyone one in our community was generous and handed
out bags and bags of candy each year. Instead of saying "trick or treat" the very simply
costumed children, (and not so "children" children) would chant the words "Halloween."
Costumes were never elaborate, in fact most of the time faces were painted and that was it.
The streets would fill with children....and not so small children....seeking candy.
The event would begin before the sun went down and end late into the night with a
few teenagers in the streets. Very often the streets would be so full with trick or treaters,
that it was impossible for cars to drive on the streets.
Things are different now....much quieter. Because of the safety issues, the school now
hosts a Halloween event, to allow the children to "trunk or treat," instead of being on the streets.
Our church also plans a Fall Festival, again for the children and families to celebrate in safety.
Our Fall Festival was so nice this year. Trunk or treating was a success and the children
left with more candy than they needed;) We ate some yummy soup and rolls,
and the children enjoyed a "Haunted Hayride" in the orchard. It was a perfect evening!

The following Monday and Tuesday we celebrated Dia de Los Muertos.
Traditionally, in Mexico, displays are made to honor those who have passed. This year
The Farmer's office staff, wanted to do something kind for him, and so they made a display for The Farmer's Father, who passed away several years ago. Everything that is a part of the display has meaning. They even arrived early to work,
to make Grandpa M's favorite foods,(steak, avocado,coke, and apples.)
They really went to alot of work. Many family members stopped by the office
to admire the display. The Farmer's Mother was very touched.


Special sweet breads are made to celebrate this day....these have bones accross the top...
The Darlings thought they were pretty tasty!

In the afternoon, the family met at the cemetary. It was filled with many families cleaning
their family plots and placing flowers on their loved ones graves.

Uncle Merriner joined us. He is the one who makes sure that our family plot is cleaned
and in order. He has set a great example for all of us. He is a wonderful man.
It is so fantastic that The Darlings are being raised by different generations of family.
Uncle Merriner has played a great role in their lives...he has always been interested in them, and kind to them. We love our Tio! It was a wonderful day, it was great to pay tribute
to those who have gone before us!


Trisha said...

What...no one called and invited me to the cemetary this year? What's with that. Did you serve donuts?

Trisha said...

What...no one called and invited me to the cemetary this year? What's with that. Did you serve donuts?

Chris said...

Good Ole Grandpa! I can't imagine life without him in it!

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