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October 17, 2012

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The Farmer and I spent last weekend in Mexico City. The purpose of the trip???....a training for the Especially For Youth program that is beginning in our area. The Farmer will oversee the next two years of EFY...and he needed some training so he would know exactly what to do! I was just lucky he took me along for the "ride." When he invited me to go along...I began remembering the things that I really enjoyed in Mexico City...and the surrounding areas...and started making a list of
 things I hoped we could do, in a very short amount of time;)
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Mexico City is the third largest city in the world. It seems that there are people everywhere! Driving is an adventure...and that is an understatement! Our GPS couldn't even help us most of the time...it was confused too! The day we flew into the city...was very clear, which is unusual. We had great views from the airplane. While landing...The Farmer and I began discussing some great...and not so great...memories in this city. It is the city where we spent our honeymoon...It is the city The Farmer served his LDS mission...It is the city we lived in during an internship, during our college days...It is a city full of beautiful places, great culture, and fun shopping! I enjoy a trip to Mexico City and hadn't been there in a very long time...so I was very excited to be there. The Farmer on the other hand, feels a bit of anxiety when he is in the city...after he and his brother were assaulted a few years back...the city taught him that it could not only be full of beauty and fun, it was also filled with danger. As the plane was landing, we remembered a trip we had made to Mexico City....years ago...when the then president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas, invited people from the "Mormon Colonies" to a dinner with him at Mexico's "White House"...called Los Pinos. The Farmer and I along with Uncle D. and Aunt M. had the chance to participate in the great trip. We had a wonderful time in Mexico City! We saw the sights, went to the special dinner at Los Pinos, and just had a great time. When it was time to go home, we boarded the airplane. It was a full flight. It was nighttime, and had been raining. As the plane began to taxi down the runway, and pick up speed, we suddenly heard a VERY loud BOOM!!!...keep in mind that both The Farmer and Uncle D. were trained pilots...(The Farmer hadn't completed his training, but he knew enough to know that we had a problem). The plane continued down the runway but was not getting the speed necessary to lift the plane into the air. The passengers were visibly confused and worried and what had been a happy light feeling on the plane as we boarded, turned to worry. After what seemed to be a lifetime...the pilot realized he couldn't get the plane up into the air and began breaking to slow the airplane. Somewhere during the experience, The Farmer remembered that there was a cement wall at the end
of the runway, and a very busy freeway past that wall, which added to our fear.
Thankfully the plane came to a stop...without hitting the wall;)...and we returned to the gate.
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As we prepared to get ourselves off of that plane...an announcement came over the speaker...it was the Captain...in a VERY shaky voice...assuring us that the plane we fine, that we had hit a large puddle of water which had gone into one of the engines and that was the reason for the loud sound and inability to get the plane off the ground.  But, there was no need to worry and that we would soon attempt to take off again and head to our final destination. Well, lets just say that the passengers on that plane were not happy about staying there...they wanted off!!! So then a very visibly shaken and disheveled Captain came into the cabin of the plane to address the passengers. Before he began his speech the stewardess handed him some kind of alcoholic beverage...which he threw back very quickly...and then he announced...."everything is OK!" His hands were shaking very badly,and it was hard for him to hold his drink! Again, he said that not one would be leaving the plane and that we would be taking off again in a few minutes. Which we did. Just before the plane took off...we held a camera above us and snapped a few pictures...just in case the plane went down...and the camera was somehow found!!;) Well, a few hours later, we landed in the city we were destined for...safe and sound...and the moment the plane touched the ground...the passengers burst into loud cheers and clapping! Just a fun memory from our travels to Mexico City!
 And trust me...we have alot more very similar to that one!!;)
We arrived in the city on Thursday evening...had a lovely dinner in the Zona Rosa...a beautiful area in the heart of Mexico City. I was reminded of how I love this country and it's beautiful culture.  Friday morning we headed to the city of Puebla...and were completely taken with the scenery along the way! This is a view of Mexico City from the nearby mountains...
This is the volcano...Popocatepetl...which is still active. It had a little eruption this past April, where smoke and ash were spewed, but no one was hurt. Another interesting side note...leading to another Mexico City story...I saw this volcano from our hospital window, everyday...for a few weeks...due to another "adventure" that we had in Mexico City a few years back;) Another story for another day! The scenery of our Thursday morning drive was stunning! The weather was perfect!


Kelly said...

Glad you are home safe and sound and you had such a good time!

Jan Turley said...

Glad you made it home safe! I worked full time for CES in the EFY program for 5 years as an administrator (not a counselor)- if you ever need any help, let me know!:) Love ya!

Jan Turley said...

Glad you made it home safe! I worked full time for CES in the EFY program for 5 years as an administrator after college. If you ever need any help, let me know!:) Love ya!

Pedaling said...

what exactly were you taking a picture of when you held the camera up? the last image of the few of you scared out of your mind for the sake of posterity? just wondering. :) Efy, hu. Very nice. I didn't realize you two had spent so much time there in the past. I only think of danger, in my little sheltered life, when somebody mentions Mexico anywhere!

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