Breakfast At A Roadside Stand...Mexico City

October 22, 2012


Street food in Mexico is amazing! There are food stands on every corner, with most any kind of food you may want. The moment we left the airport in Mexico City, the smell of those street food stands took over! The Farmer began his search of the yummy street tacos, that he has such fond memories of. I too gained a love for those tacos...and learned that if I would soak them in fresh lime juice...and drink a Coke along with...I would never get sick from eating the street food. And can I say...that has been true for me. I haven't gotten sick once, eating on the streets of Mexico. I am not saying it is fool proof...just saying it has worked for me;) Sadly, The Farmer didn't find the amazing tacos this trip...he was pretty sad about that. We began our journey early one morning to the town of Puebla, it was about a 2 hour drive from Mexico City. As we left, The Farmer assured me that we would find some great food along the way for our breakfast. Sure enough, as we climbed into the nearby mountains, we came to a little roadside stop, that was full of little stands...each begging us to enjoy breakfast with them. The Farmer selected the little stand...and as we exited the car, we realized that it had become very cold. The people who owned the stand offered us a table next to a cozy fire they had going. It was perfect!


The wood burning stove/grill, was loaded with food that was being prepared for the day.
All the ingredients were made from scratch and fresh.

The Farmer placed our breakfast order...and we waited as fresh tortillas were made and a Flor de Calabaza quesidilla was prepared. The salsas were the best! Freshly made just as we sat down to eat. Next came a regular quesidilla, made from fresh cheese, fresh tortillas and again amazing salsa. YUM!!


The culture in Southern Mexico is incredible! Because I haven't been too far South in a long time...I had forgotten how beautiful the culture is...and how much I enjoy it!


These are freshly roasted Poblano peppers...just off the grill, and being peeled for a Poblano Relleno.


The altar inside the roadside stand...


My feet...warming by the fire next to our table...

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