Conference Weekend...and...Missionary Monday!.....

October 8, 2012

Conference weekend is my favorite!!! It is great to have a change of pace, and just be home and be still! The Farmer was even able to spend time with us...which is a rarity on Sunday's. Although we enjoyed General Conference from beginning to end...the very exciting announcement regarding the ages for missionary service...set a wonderful mood in our home! The Darlings each had their Conferences Boxes...which was a treat and kept them engaged in broadcast.
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PreShie has always hoped to serve a mission...but age 21 just seemed so far away! She is now making plans to be ready to leave for missionary service after her first semester at college is complete...January of 2014. She is thrilled...we are thrilled! Just a funny side note...while in Utah this past Summer she came to me and said that she didn't know what to do...I asked what was wrong...she said this..."I just had a dream that I am going to serve my mission on an Indian reservation by Albuquerque...I don't know what to think about that!...I think it may have been a revelation..." to which I said...(between some giggles...) "I am pretty sure you don't need to worry about that right don't worry." I guess we will see what the future holds for PreShie!;)
And...this morning...another picture from the Missionary Boy...he returned to a previous area for a baptism of a person he spent a great amount of time teaching...and was also able to see some special members there that he had really grown to love. He wrote this morning..."it was so great to see the members in Trowbridge...I thought they wouldn't remember me...but they did!!!!" I thought that was really funny, as he was only there a few months ago. It was a wonderful weekend...thanks to the Missionary Boy...our week is off to a great start!!!


Pedaling said...

It was an exciting weekend. Especially, Saturday!

Looks like a fun conf. basket.

I rarely get pictures. But sure look forward to those monday letters!

You Elder looks great and happy!

Matt Skinner said...

Thanks for the conference goodies! Great idea and very thoughtful.

Love you,

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