He's Home!!!....

October 30, 2012

He left us 2 years ago...our Missionary Nephew Ben...to serve the people of Argentina. Today he returned home having completed an honorable mission. Posters and banners were made...we all headed to El Paso...and we waited for his arrival. We found a little corner in the airport and gathered as a family. We talked about how the time had passed so fast...(some days!)...and all that had changed since he left. Would he recognize his siblings??? Would he recognize the the little cousins???...all the while his father was tracking his flight as it headed toward El Paso. And then the plane landed...we watched through a large picture window. The family gathered the banners, signs, and balloons and we waited for him to appear..."our missionary son...brother...nephew and friend."
 And this is what it looked like....
024 026 028 065 045 The two Grandma's... 036
Siblings reunited!! 047 056
This was the most tender moment I watched today...after the Elder arrived and was hugged by everyone...his younger brother sat apart from the crowd...weeping. Watching him brought me to tears too...and as I hugged him I said..."you are so happy he is home aren't you?" The young brother couldn't talk but nodded his head yes. What a sweet moment that was!
It was a wonderful afternoon for our family! Welcome Home Elder Ben!!!
075 077 079

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