Missionary Monday

May 6, 2013


Elder Jones and Elder Von Allmen... dear friends..."Brothers"
Last week The Missionary Boy told us that his zone had gotten
special permission to go to a place in England where the Mormon.org
campaign started... He was sooooo excited!

Another thing that makes the Missionary Boy very happy.... Elder Von Allmen.
  He calls him his "Son" because he trained when he was a new missionary.
  He is a wonderful young man from Switzerland. They are again in the same Zone...and The Missionary Boy is really happy about that! These pictures came from Elder Von Allmen's mom...
who has also become a very dear friend...
...to me!
Thank you Uli!!


Mama Pollock said...

Hello there!
I am always amazed at how small the world is…especially among members of the church. I was searching Google for a British Missionary site and was very excited to run across your Blog! I was immediately in “Mommy Heaven!” Here is why…
My son is currently serving in the Leeds England Mission, and while your pictures are fun and more plentiful than I have been receiving…they are from the London area, not where my son is serving. BUT the pictures I have been relishing all morning are from your home in Mexico!!! My baby daughter married one of your cute local boys from across the hill in Colonia Juarez. She is my child that never internalized the “mama needs the details memo.” She claims her new life is completely without interest and “just normal.” I have loved reading accounts about customs, challenges and local traditions!!!
Thank you for your marvelous insight to what I now imagine is her life as another Mexican farmer’s wife.” Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Hi Mama Pollock!
I know just who you are! In fact you have been to my home! I know your sweet daughter...he in-laws are dear friends of ours! How fun that your son is in Leeds...England has been a beatiful experience for our son! I am glad you enjoyed the details of a "Farmer's Wife"...our life is far from dull! Thanks for the sweet comment!

Mama Pollock said...

It’s kind of a case of killing two-birds…We were desperate for a bathroom, and baby girl wanted to introduce us. She said that we both shared a love for clocks, and since she grew up in a home full of chimes, cuckoos and dings, she wanted me to meet another clock enthusiast. You were not at home, and your adorable daughter told us to “go on in.” So yes, I have been to your beautiful home…although now I feel sheepish… sort of like a stalker, but glad to put the blog/actual event puzzle pieces together! I am now excited to have found a new friend…who lives in Mexico, who has a son serving in England, and also happens to like clocks :)

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