She's All Grown Up......Sigh......

May 18, 2013

This week we made a very quick trip to Mesa. PreShie needed to visit the Orthodontist...
and even more important...she needed to have her Senior pictures taken.
Preshie's Aunt Kim is an amazing of her great talents...I think...
is that she is able to capture the personality of her subjects.
  I love every picture that she has taken of The Darlings!
Here's to our Precious...(PreShie)...she has BIG plans for her future.
  And I am very sure she will accomplish every goal she has set.
 It is off to Utah State for her in the Fall... and after a semester...a mission.
 I love that she knows what she wants...and isn't afraid to dream big.
Oh how we love our PreShie Girl!!
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LaNae said...

She is beautiful! Hard to believe she is graduating--it goes way too fast!

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