When The Easter Egg Hunt Doesn't Go Your Way....

May 1, 2013

When you are 3...it isn't a good thing when you open your Easter Egg and you find a rock!
  In fact...it makes you pretty mad...and you say things you might regret...like...
"The Easter Bunny Lied!!!"
"I have NOT been a bad girl!!!"
BUT...rocks instead of candy...inside Easter Eggs...often happens when
 the older cousins find the Easter Eggs...BEFORE...the Hunt begins.
And this is what it looks like when you are registering your complaint about
 the Easter Bunny to The Farmer... who promises to have a talk to the Easter Bunny
and clear things up! It is a very traumatic thing to find a rock in your Easter Egg!!!

1 comment :

Pedaling said...

oh, those older cousins think they are sooo funny.

they kinda are....hehe

she's too cute!

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