The Farmer's Easter Egg Hunt..

May 1, 2013

I know...Easter was awhile back...BUT...our lives have been a bit out of
control for I am late posting.
Each year The Farmer hosts an Easter Egg Hunt and picnic at The Farm. It has become a very anticipated event... mostly because there is money involved!;) The eggs are hidden (this year by the farm workers... which I might add was pretty funny!)
The cousins line up...
And when the moment arrives...
They RUN into the orchards... in search of the coveted... Golden Egg!!
This year there were two Golden Eggs.. one with $$ and another with a pocket knife!
 The perfect Easter gift for a young cousin!!
Another successful Easter Egg Hunt...
For most...;)

(Some pictures were taken by The Farmer's sister...)
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Lisa Johnson said...

I read this post, and it has a great poem called "The Farmer's Wife", which was written by Eliza R. Snow. It made me think of you. Maybe you've already heard about it, but if not you should read it...

The Farmer's Wife said...

Lisa...Thank you so much!!! I love the poem!...I had not heard of it and I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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