The Best Things About AZ...

January 31, 2014

You know...there are just some "tastes" that cannot be found anywhere else but in AZ.
Rosas, and their Green Corn Tamale is one of those things.
When we arrived in was one of the first things on my mind...
next to family of course;) And, boy did it taste good.
The walls and tables are covered with my favorite tile...Talavera.
The Rooster ordered his "regular" the Fajitas... again,
beautiful and delicious.
temple1 (2)
I love this picture! There is a lot happening here.
 The Mom' lovely sister-in-laws...were photographing all the girls,
while all the young boys played in the water around us, and The Farmer captured it all.
 So much fun to be with family!
And to top off a wonderful afternoon with family...a little cousin love!!!
Cousins are THE BEST!!!

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Bob & Marilee Neff said...

We love Tia Rosa too..We are tending Grands just down the street...will visit soon..hee hee

Isn't the Gilbert Temple amazing..Hoping we get to tour again during this time with the little ones..

Thanks for sharing on your it!

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