The Party Follows Them...Seriously!!

January 6, 2014

It seems that I do this each and every year...I get behind on my blogging during the holidays!
Now, catching up is going to be a challenge...but it must be done!
Wrapping up a year is an interesting experience. It has left me full of so many emotions.
What blessed year it was in so many ways, and yet we have faced many challenges that
we probably wouldn't have chosen on our own.
  I hope we are better for every experience that was ours in 2013.
 Certainly a major highlight of our year was welcoming home our Missionary Son,
and after two years we were all together for a very special holiday season. It was wonderful!
 The Darlings have a great energy, each one individually, BUT...when they are together...
it is an extraordinary energy!
That's a good WOW!! by the way;)
Like Auntie said a few nights ago, as The Darlings arrived at her home to spend the night...
"The party follows these kids, wherever they go!!"
That was the case in our home throughout the holidays. Friendships were re-kindled...
cousins were reunited...many steaks were eaten...the pool table got some great use...
our home was filled with laughing and lots of chatter!
I loved it!!
It's quiet now.
 Two of The Darlings have headed to school...
The third Darling is still on his Christmas vacation from school.
 Life is getting back to "normal" whatever that is...
and I miss that really loud yet sacred time that was ours when we were all together.
  It was the closest thing to perfection that I know!
Now, as I look forward a bit, into 2014 we are again headed for an eventful year.
 Some events we are aware of...and I a sure we are bound for many that
we are perfectly unaware of...and that's OK.
We will move ahead no matter what our experiences will be.
 One thing we do know, is that our Precious is headed toward a beautiful year!
  An extraordinary year!
She has made some great choices that will lead her to some life changing experiences...
and she is ready!
 I love her drive, I love her passion for life, and I love her commitment to her values!
We had a special New Year's Dinner...
just our little family...
which I will blog about in the next few days. Part of our dinner included Fortune Cookies...
and this was PreShie's fortune...
funny that a little Fortune Cookie could be filled with so much truth!
Blessed was our 2013...
Looking forward to 2014...
It's going to be a good one!!

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