Uncles...Why They Are Important...

January 20, 2014

The Rooster FINALLY did it! He shot his first deer... (hopefully his last too!)
It's kind of a "thing" around here... The Farmer says that a boy "needs" to shoot
 a deer at least once and then he is complete. The Farmer did a bit of hunting when
 he was The Rooster's age, but as he got older, his heart softened,
and he doesn't hunt anymore. The same happened with The Boy. Around this same age,
he too loved to hunt, and he hunted alot. But as he grew his heart softened too.
He doesn't hunt anymore. So now it is The Rooster's turn.
He has tried and tried for the past year or so, to get himself a deer.
One of The Farmer's brothers has a ranch nearby and The Rooster made trip after trip,
 each time hoping that he would get himself a deer. A few months ago, a couple of
 The Uncles took a few kids to The Ranch to hunt.
At that time he was diagnosed...The Rooster had...Buck Fever!
 Riley Deer2
So, a couple of weeks ago, The Rooster and two of The Uncles set out for The Ranch.
The Uncles decided that this was it...they were going to cure Roostie of his
 terrible ailment, and off they went. Once they arrived they decided to have a little lunch,
 and so they "set up camp." Very quickly they noticed that a deer was lingering nearby.
The Uncles got The Rooster in place...he aimed his gun and The Uncles said..."shoot"...but
 The Rooster didn't. This went on and on...finally with the guidance of his dear Uncles...
 The Rooster got the courage to shoot...and he got his deer!
 The Uncles took a bit of video footage and after watching it The Farmer said...
"Let's face it Roost...that deer offered himself to you so you could get over your Buck Fever."
And so it was...for whatever reason, that deer was patient, while
The Young Rooster overcame his ailment! He proudly brought his "kill" home and
hung it in the garage. It was fun for him to share the meat and tell his story.
I am personally not a fan of hunting although I can respect that it is somewhat
of a rite of passage. What I am a great fan of is great Uncles who will take
 the time to help, love and teach their nephews. I really do appreciate that!
This one will go down in history as a great memory!
Just one reason that Uncles are really important...
especially in a young boy's life.

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