Dear Linda (the chicken)

February 3, 2010

My Dear Feathered Friend.....
Hey there! Remeber me....yes I am the one who visits you daily, checking to make sure
that your water is fresh, and that you have plenty of food. In fact it seems to me that I
am constantly purchasing food so that you would never go hungry. Oh, also it was me that
cleaned out your coop, with the help of The Rooster, because it would be just terrible for you
to nest in something less than perfect. It was also me that searched for a few green weeds
that I thought you might enjoy, since the winter months are long and cold....and without
greens. Oh more's about the compost bowl....the one that sits on my
counter, which I fill with vegetable scraps everyday. Did you know that no one in the house
is allowed to throw anything away that you could possibly eat??? Did you know that???
The Rooster carries the bowl out to you every morning and night, and you are always so
happy to see him arrive.
Now, this is all that I ask of you......Just one little thing.....
You have work to get to it!!! I am loosing my patience.....Seriously!
and Linda(the white chicken) You act like you are in charge in the coop, so you better do
whatever it takes to get the ladies's time!!!
(You know....chicken soup is sounding pretty yummy this cold winter day...)
With Love.....
The Farmers' Wife


Meredith said...

that was cute. i hope those old bitties get to layin something soon. if not, call me whent the chicken soup is ready.

Jan T. said...

Did you watch "Survivor" last season? According to Shambo, the trick is to TALK to the chickens!:) Good luck!

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

Oh my goodness, that made me LOL!

Best Wishes, Marie said...

they sure look healthy. maybe they think they are just props for the farm. walk around posing.

Pedaling said...

really, is it too much to ask?

Alice Wills Gold said...

If chickens get spooked bad, they lose their ability to lay eggs. i thought a farmer's wife would know that.

I guess you better eat her for dinner.

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