Popcorn + Sunday = Tradition

February 19, 2010

If you were to ask The Darlings what Sunday evenings at Grandma C.'s is all about,
they would say
It is a tradation that has been going on for years. Every Sunday evening The Farmer's family
gathers for bowl of Grandma C.'s special popcorn. Some really lover her "special" recipe,
and others like it plain. Popcorn is enjoyed while great conversation is
had by the adults, and while the children are playing games or watching a movie in the next
room. It all sounds very civil doesn't it???
The kids have been known to get a little loud at times....
but what do you expect when 17-20....very active....
children are together??
Back to the adults.....we have certainly addressed all of the world's problems at one time or another, while eating a bowl of popcorn...and it is very possible
that we have solved a few too.
The Darlings begin Sunday morning with the same question each week.....
"Are we going to Grandma C.'s today???"
to which I answer...."Don't we always???"
but they still ask.
And, I love it that they ask!
And...I love it that she provides a place and time for us to gather as a family, to connect,
and to talk....
all over a bowl of ....POPCORN.

My creation
We have tried every popcorn popper known to man,
we actually own all of these poppers....currently.
I know....it is a little overboard....
but....it is serious business around here.
Here is my take on each.....
*Air popper - not a fan....too dry....but more healthy for you
*Whirley Pan - love it! it doesn't make enough to feed a crowd...makes awesome kettlecorn!
*Theater Popper - love it! It is a mess to clean...takes special oil....but it is yummy!
*Microwave Popcorn - great if you need something quick....great for the kids!
*Cuisinart Popper - love it! it is dang cute! it uses too much oil and mine broke pretty fast.
It is kind of difficult to clean too.
I thought for as much as I paid for it...it would become a family heirloom....Nooooo!
I do love everything else about it though...I cut way back on the oil that it suggests.
and it still makes great popcorn.

*Stir Crazy Popper - like it! easy to clean, uses less oil, makes a ton of popcorn
at one time. I recently purchased this, and so far so good....it is
holding up well.

The Farmer's only request on Sunday....is that he arrive home, in the evening,
(he can't usually join us at Grandma's)
to the smell of popcorn in the house and a large bowl for him on the counter.
It makes him happy.
Grandma C.'s Famous Sunday Popcorn
popped popcorn in a large bowl
olive oil
butter, (the real thing)
Brewer's yeast (can be purchased at a health food store)
*melt the butter with olive oil in equal parts
carefully stir into the prepared popcorn....season to taste with salt
and sprinkle with Brewer's Yeast
(she says it is full of B vitamins, so it is good for you)


BarbaraJo said...

I love that tradition. I want my kids to have things like that to look forward to for the rest of their lives. Thanks for the recipe.

Pedaling said...

brewers yeast?

The Farmer's Wife said...

Brewer's Yeast can be purchased at health food stores...it isn't your regular yeast!;)

Cathy said...

I too have enjoyed that popcorn with brewers yeast at Aunt Christine's although I think the last time I did Uncle Max was still around! That's way too long ago!

Jeff's Wife! said...

My mouth is watering, probably bcz I can smell popcorn coming from my kitchen as my boys are popping some for them and a few friends. But it's too late at night for me and I can't eat this late. Darn it! I LOVE Aunt C's popcorn... always have. I hope while you were solving the world's problems over there, that you also solved mine at one time or another!

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

As always, love your photography! We have a theater popcorn maker and the kids just can't get enough of it!

Brewer's Yeast is also called nutritional yeast and tastes kind of like cheese! It's really good! I get mine at Sun Harvest.

Pedaling said...

i know what it is- brewers yeast- just never heard of it on popcorn....

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