Not As Easy As You Would Think.....

February 6, 2010

PreShie is taking Home Ec. this year. She is learning so many great things and having a
fun time too. Her least favorite thing in Home Ec. is to clean up....what a suprise!
Lately they learned how to make tortillas....she has been offering to make
some for the family, and so this is how it went.....
My creation
Through the process I heard things like....
"this dough is sticky-er (is that a word??) than I remember"
"it is really hard to get them round"
"stop eating my tortillas"
"seriously....stop eating my tortillas!!!"
"I think I just burned my hand.."
"hey...these are pretty good"
"get away from my tortillas!"
"who is going to clean up this mess (that was me)"

So the cousins decided that they too wanted to try making their own
tortillas...they were ALL shapes and sizes....a little thicker than a tortilla would
normally be...had it been made by a seasoned tortilla maker...
But they were yummy!
It was a fun afternoon of tortilla making.

The Boy made himself a tortilla shaped like a Texas Longhorn....
It really looked like one too!


Meredith said...

wow, such talent! these girls are growing too fast.

Pedaling said...

what i can't understand is why all you people don't weigh 200 pounds?

Cathy said...

Hey! Angie's little girls work on perfecting their "tortilla" talents everytime they come to visit! Hopefully by the time they are married they will have mastered it! I NEVER DID! You're right! It is harder than it looks!

Trisha said...

Nothing better than a fresh, hot tortilla. I was wondering if "rooster" would like to come cook at my house for a while?
Sandwich looks yummY!

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