Oh PreShie!

February 2, 2010

PreShie is playing a little basketball this year.
She makes watching a girls basketball game alot of fun.
She often has a huge smile plastered across her face while she is running down the court.
She is soooo much taller than the other players, that getting rebound doesn't require much effort. I am not so sure that playing basketball was part of her life's plan....atleast the plan
she had for herself...But....it was part of the plan her Mother had for her,
and gladly she went along with it.
Now I hear her making plans for playing again "next year"
and it makes me very happy!
Cute, Cute girls!
They seem to have a pretty great time together,
on the court....and off.
Thanks to Uncle Russell for saving the day....
He has been a fantastic Coach!


Meredith said...

she's just sooo cute. i love that girl.

Pedaling said...

girls b-ball is different than boys b-ball-
both are fun to watch
hard to play
love it!

Jan T. said...

She's so grown up! And beautiful....just like her mom!:)

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

These are such great shots!

Trisha said...

The coach needs to be in the picture, wouldn't be much of a team without him. Yea for the class of "78........we are sexy, we are great. We are the class of "78! Who would have thought.
Go team!!!

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