30 Birthday's Later...

May 23, 2016


Happy Birthday My Farmer!
 I spent some time today, looking for just the right picture to celebrate you on your day.
 I'm not sure this is the perfect one...but it is us. 
I don't know about you...but I think we are perfect together...perfect for each other. 
This isn't supposed to be about us...it's supposed to be about you ;) 
I am so grateful for you.
 I knew from the moment I met you in your snap up western shirt (true story)...
that you were the guy for me! 
We've done alot of living together...you and I. 
Some of that living has been hard stuff...and some has been pretty great. 
We've built a home, 
We've built a family, 
We've buried children and parents, 
We've loved, We've laughed, 
We've shed some tears along the way.
We've planted trees...lots of them, 
We've planted seeds. Some have grown...and some have not. 
We've built businesses, 
We've traveled, 
We've served God, 
We've dogged bullets both literally and figuratively ;) 
We've deepened our faith. 
I love to see your strengths in our children...it makes me so happy.
 They are so blessed to call you Dad. 
You are my constant, firm foundation. 
When you tell me everything will be ok...I really believe you. 
 You are my love, my friend, my soulmate...my twin flame ;) 
You are my everything!! 
Happy Birthday to you My Farmer...
we are just getting warmed up... ;) 
I love you!

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