A Birthday "Fix-Up"...

May 3, 2016


This Boy of mine lives life.
 He has since is was a very small child. 
He isn't fearful, which can be both good and bad ;) 
Everything he does, he does with great intensity, which I love.
 He has done a lot of living in his short life and has a few scars to show for it. 
 One of those "scars" was the problems that go along with having
 his nose broken many times. Before his mission we took him to a
 Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, fully expecting to schedule a major surgery to repair
 the damage. What we found out was that he was not fully grown and we needed 
to wait until he returned from his mission. 
He has really suffered with chronic sinus infections for years. 
 He hasn't been able to sleep well, and was sneezing and blowing his nose all the time! 
He was miserable. Thankfully we found a great Dr. and took advantage of 
The Boy and his Bride being home with us for awhile...and we scheduled the surgery. 
 It wasn't invasive like we thought it would be. 
No additional scars...and now we have a Boy who can breathe! 
He says it is amazing!  His little birthday "fix-up" has been a success!

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RHrad said...

Hi there! Do you know what typo of surgery he had, exactly? I'm having sinus surgery in 2 weeks and am wondering what the recovery is like (provided we are having similar procedures). Thanks!

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