Happy Birthday Rooster!

May 21, 2016


My Sweet Rooster... Happy Birthday!!! 
 I can't believe that you are 19 years old! I am so grateful for you. 
 I am so grateful that you are my son. What a blessing you are to me and to your family. 
 You are our darling baby boy and baby brother. 
These are the things that I want to remember about you right now. 
You are nearly as tall as your Dad! Who thought that would ever happen ;) 
And you are still growing. I am not sure where this will end...but you are the tallest of your siblings. 
 I know that makes you really happy! You have the most fantastic hair. 
 It is curly and you like wearing it a little long... 
I think we can blame Grandma Christine for that...she has never wanted us to 
cut your beautiful locks. You have a smile that lights up a room. 
 The twinkle in your eyes makes everyone around you happy. 
You have a special gift with people. 
 That you inherited from both of your grandfathers,
 but you are very much like your Grandpa Charles. 
 The fact that you carry his name is a special thing. 
 He had a great affection for you and you did for him.
 I know his death has been very hard on you. 
 He loved you very much.


 You are a great friend to everyone. You are loyal. 
 You are kind and thoughtful. 
You have a tender heart and when those you love hurt...you hurt too. 
This is one of your great traits. 
You are a great brother to your sister and brother. 
They love you with all their hearts.


 You love a good steak. 
 Grilled artichokes are another favorite of yours. 
Pasta, Chinese food, and anything sweet...these are all things that you love. 
Your deep voice and sweet laugh keep us all smiling.
You are a great photographer!
Every picture you take is a masterpiece! 
You have a great sense of humor and love the farms. 
  Bubba...you are loved. 
 So very very loved. I hope you will never, ever forget that! 
 Happy Birthday My Boy! 
Your Momma loves you!!

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