Dinner Time At Rancho 25...

May 31, 2016

IMG_2793 (1)

A couple of nights ago, The Farmer and I headed to Rancho 25, 
 to take some fresh hay to the Longhorn Herd ;) 
The feed on the ranch isn't so good as the weather has gotten hotter. 
 We haven't had our rainy season yet, once that happens, the natural grass will return. 
 For now we are taking feed to them until we can get them moved to a different pasture.
  IMG_2788 (1)

They get pretty excited when the fresh alfalfa arrives...
  IMG_2786 (1)

After they were fed...
we headed up to the top of a nearby mountain and enjoyed a beautiful sunset... 
It was a very good evening at Rancho 25.

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