My People...

May 19, 2016


Last weekend I had the chance to hang out with "My People"
 Goodness I love those people of mine! 
The Farmer and I had planned to be in the Phoenix area for a concert...
to celebrate his birthday... 
and before we knew it plans were made for everyone to gather. 
It's been awhile since we have all been together, 
Years in fact.

The Brotherhood never disappoint...
there is certain to be lots of laughing when we are together. 
 I love that! 
We also spend a good amount of time eating great food... 
which great by me.


Our dear Father's headstone has been placed. 
 It looks wonderful! 
The weekend was full of stories and memories of him. 
We shed some tears and we shared some laughs... 
We are so blessed to have been taught and loved by such a great man!
 He is always a part of us no matter what we are doing or where we may be.
I feel his influence daily. 
 Our Grandmother Mable Skinner left a great legacy for us,
 a song she wrote many years ago. I have spent my life singing that song is a family mission statement of sorts. 
We gathered around our Father's grave and sang together... 

  We belong to a family who loves the Lord you see, 
We gladly follow the prophet in peace and harmony. 
As we choose the right and follow His light, 
His promises are sure, 
As we serve with joy, our talents employ, 
We gain strength to help us endure. 
 We love Jesus, he is our friend, 
We pray that we'll live and help ourselves give, 
That we may be with Him again!

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