This Is How It Went...

June 26, 2008

Little Rooster thought that one of these (above) would be a great addition to the family. So he approached The Farmer and this is what The Farmer said....
"Hey Little Rooster...why don't you plant some of these (above) water them, fertilize them, weed them, pick them and sell them...and after you have met all of your financial obligations (i.e. farm expenses, mission fund, tithing, etc.) then get back to me and we will see what we can do."
And so the Little Rooster set his plan in motion. He got the seed, got a contract to sell the pumpkins, and has been planning and dreaming for months. The time has arrived...the seed will be planted in the next week and the dream has been set into motion. We will keep you posted. This is when the Mom hopes that all the farming planets are in alignment so the little guy will succeed. Rooster's Pumpkin Patch...Now Open for Business!

Just For Fun!

June 24, 2008

Just a few fabulous finds! There is a great giveaway at the APrOnIsTA , this totally cute apron in a choice of two colors, check it out!
This is the greatest site Restyled Home, for decorating ideas. This particular post made me think of Rae, as she loves all things nautical. Check it out Rae, you will love it!
Restyled Home also did a little "bit" on pantries...what does yours look like? Mine does NOT look like this, although I wish it did! I love white ironstone, LOVE IT! This is a beautiful way to display it
And finally...I really do wish my pantry looked like this...

Award #2 - Horray!

June 23, 2008

Thanks to CJ, THE PURPLE DIVA, for my second, and much appreciated blog award! She gave me "Tami the Tourist" for the post about our recent trip to Mazatlan. Thanks!!! Check out the PURPLE DIVA HERE, her blog is so much fun and very uplifting! She will make you smile. She has a great outlook on life and I'll bet is an awesome friend! Thanks DIVA!!


June 23, 2008

Be still my heart! I came across a site with the most wonderful aprons! I have been dreaming and planning and plotting....they are a NEED not a want! HEAVENLY HOSTESS is worth a visit. Very unique and very fun aprons. This one above makes me think of a Mexican Fiesta, like 5 de Mayo, or for us the 16th of September is a big party day, hummmmm this one is a must for me.
This one I just love. It is happy, and reminds me of the Zinna's I grow every year.This one is classic and would be a great addition to any apron collection.
This is a gardening apron...again I love it! A large pocket on the front for all the squash or green beans that you might have just picked.

My First Blog Award!

June 21, 2008

While I was on vacation I didn't have the chance to blog....and so I didn't know that a darling blog friend Rae, gave me this award! Thanks! GO HERE to meet Rae and be inspired by her. She loves life, loves the Lord, loves her family, and is an inspiration. I love to check in on her and her great life back east. Hugs Rae, thanks again!

uP To oUR eYEbALLs In APriCoTS!

June 21, 2008

Just like everyone else in town! But I am loving it! I made 32 pints of jam yesterday and it is beautiful! Pretty tasty too! We planted 2 acres of APRICOTS a couple of years ago and this is the first year that we actually harvested enough to do anything with. We ate all we could...and that was alot...and froze some and made some yummy jam!
I finished up this morning, washing the bottles and threw a batch of CHERRY jam in too. That really is good too! The jars are so pretty, I think I will leave them out for a couple of days so The Farmer and the Darlings can admire, hopefully as they pass the jam they will oooooooooo and ahhhhhhhh...hehe...that would make me happy!Yummy! Fresh bread and jam, it just doesn't get better than that!

p.s. I added installment number 3 of "A Trip Into Mexico" you will need to scoll down, and there you will find it.

Mazatlan Fun!

June 18, 2008

A trip to the local aquarium was really fun!
Rooster looks a little worried with a parrot on his shoulder!
It was great to be together!

Beach Fun

June 18, 2008

We had a wonderful trip! But really....we were at the beach, could anything else have happened? Lots of "cousin fun" beautiful sunsets, great walks on the beach searching for the latest treasure, and great reading by the ocean and the pool. It was relaxing and restful. We had a few fun adventures too! Like Jellyfish...need I say more? Everyone was stung, mulitple times but after the 10th sting, we just went back to body surfing or whatever the given activity was at the moment. didn't slow us down too much.
This (above) was another adventure. Aunt Shauna made the grave mistake of suggesting that she would boil any crabs that the boys could catch....what was she thinking???....hehe...... 25 crabs and a few hours later we were not sure what to do. So the boys packed them all up in a bucket of sand and put them on our deck for the night. We woke up during the night to 25 crabs scratching on the windows looking for a way back to the beach. The next morning all were released when the boys decided that there really wasn't enough meat on the crabs to go to all the work of peeling them. Anyway....I was happy that they were released, but it was a funny experience.
The girls spent every waking moment playing in the sand, and searching for the ultimate sea shell. They had such a great time together, it is fun to have cousins so close in age. If they weren't in the pool together they were out on the beach "creating" in the sand.

All Good Things Must Come To An End....

June 16, 2008

The Farmer is quite an artist....if you know him at all you already knew that! I have several beautiful paintings on my walls that he has done for me and that I treasure. We discovered on this trip, that he is quite a sand artist as well...this was a our meeting place most nights, on the beach, to see what he would come up with next. Just one of the many enjoyments of this trip...I will post more later.
It has been a wonderful trip! We have played, we have tanned...and burnned...we have eaten entirely too much, but was it ever worth it, we have loved being together and being with our family/friends. We are already planning next years trip and we haven't even left yet! Tomarrow is the big day, we will begin our journey home.

We're On Our Way....

June 8, 2008

We are leaving tomarrow morning, very, very early. We'll keep you posted....

Cub Scout Day Camp

June 8, 2008

Thursday was Cub Scout Day Camp in Col. Juarez. We all sure had fun! Lots of great activities were planned, lots of yummy snacks were provided and lots of achievments were accomplished! Thanks to Col. Juarez for the invite...we had a great time! Uncle Clayt teaching Outdoorsman (above)
Rooster, cousin David and Maddison learning how to tie knots.
To pass off an achievement for the Bears, we walked to the Quintana Family home to check out all of their neat animals. We arrived just in time to watch Bro. Quintana milk the cow. The scouts really loved that! He made it look effortless.
Bro. Quintana making work look easy. He was so happy to show the boys around.
No Cub Day Camp would be complete without a fire! It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time. CUB SCOUTS ROCK!!!

A Trip Into Mexico - Part III

June 6, 2008

Out on the open road, that is where you will be for a bit of time. I really wasn't kidding about the satelite radio! I think that the scenery is beaufitul, I have come to love it and have found myself really enjoying a seasonal change, which usually is marked by the colors green or brown:) It is begining to get green right now after a long brown winter, it makes me happy. You won't see too many sights, but the ones you will see will be interesting.

The area is rural and so the road signs will reflect that. Watch out for a well intending farmer either crossing the highway or just putting down the highway. And I do mean putting. Usually a long line of cars and trucks follow waiting for the right moment to pass on our narrow roads. New tractors are not often seen, mostly old well worn, much appreciated and very depended upon tractors are common.

You will also want to watch for the cattle crossing signs. Trust me...They are there for a reason! are in a rural area. I have not had such an awakening to this as I did this past week as we traveled to the beach...oh the things we saw on the "highway" and I do live here...I didn't think anything would suprise me, but I was suprised. It was fun! Anyway, often my trips begin early in the morning and this is one of my favorite sights (below). Every morning and every evening this little herd of goats and cows is carefully led, across the highway, to a pasture where they spend the day. It is about the same time each day, and traffic comes to a complete stop in order for the herd to cross. It is one of my favorite things to watch.

I really do love this event. It is a seemingly simple experience to watch, but to the cowboys following close behind it is their life. The herd represents their work, thier little piece of the world. It represents their hopes and dreams and yet it is so me. It is a lovely sight.

You have arrived! You made it, See it really wasn't that bad....was it??? A trip into Mexico is an adventure but a fun one. You will see things you have never seen before, good things, simple things, things that I think have been forgotten about in other parts of the world. And if you are like me, you will love every minute of your journey. Bienvenidos! Welcome....Mi Casa Es Su Casa!

A Trip Into Mexico - Part II

June 6, 2008

Okay, you are now in Mexico and have left the border town. You will then drive another 40-45 miles and come to another little town. This town is somewhat famous for its' Gorditas. We often stop for a green chile, cheese and potato gordita. Which in my opinion are best in the winter, when the cheese isn't too strong. Just my opinion...but they are yummy! A gordita is a thick bread like tortilla that is split open and stuffed with different fillings. A few miles outside of this town you will see this sign (above) and will enter a military check point. I actually tried to get the soldiers to let me take their picture for this post...but...well they didn't think it was as great of an idea as I did. Anyway, the small picture above is just what they look like. Young and holding machine guns. Viva Mexico!! Depending upon the day they will check your car for drugs, guns and ammunition, which you shouldn't have with you anyway. But if you may have some problems. Side note: it is illegal to enter Mexico with guns or ammunition. You should leave that to the "professionals." (I am sure you know what I mean)

Along the journey to our city, you will encounter many of these. Little houses built for the saint of travel. "San Judeas de Tadeo" Often you will see people taking a moment from their "viaje" or trip to pay their respects and ask for a blessing on their travels. The Farmer told me that sometimes people will leave money to help another on their way. I thought that was really nice. This was a very well kept little house of worship. Some are large and some are very small but you will see many.

This is what the little house looks like inside. A statue of the Saint and several candles which were lit.

Back on the road again... The journey is a little remote. Lots of beautiful open land. This is where your satellite radio will come in handy!

Part 3 coming up next...

Welcome To Mexico! - Part 1

June 6, 2008

I thought it would be fun to actually document what we go through each time we return to our home in Mexico after being on a trip in the U.S. It has become normal to us, but my guess it that it would be very unusual for someone who has never been here. So I have done a little photo documentary of "A Trip Into Mexico" It will require a couple of posts, which I will spread out so you can really digest all the fun!

First, upon having a successful shopping trip to El Paso...I drive for an hour and see this sign. I know I am getting close....

From a distance I can see this (on left) and I know that with a little luck the border agents (Aduana, in Spanish) will be in a great mood and they won't question the purchases I just made in El Paso. hahahahaha, I am laughing because that has rarely happened, but I continue to hope! Each person living in Mexico is allowed $50 dollars of merchandise into the country, without tax, and if your are over that amount you are then charged 15% of the value of your purchases. Side note....Is it possible to go to El Paso for $50 dollars???? As you pass through the border, you will pass over a sensor that will give you either a red light or a green light. Green means you can pass and will be subject to a thorough check of the vehicle. They will be looking for items that you may have purchased, that exceeded the $50 dollar allowance. Atleast this is what I have heard...not that I am speaking from experience (hehehehe) Again the mood of the border agent, the day of the week, the hour of the day and what they had for lunch....all have a bearing upon this moment.

This is boundary marker that I pass frequently.

(I should have taken a picture of the 15ft. high fence...that is on the border. That is a very visual sign of where you are entering)

"Welcome to Mexico!" again right on the border. You are now in the country! Horray, you've made it! Most people only make it this far. They come for cheap medication and other medical services that are less expensive in Mexico.

Border towns are not my favorite...they have given the beautiful parts of Mexico a bad name. So have a true Mexico experience you must close your eyes while traveling through a border town, and open them 20 miles out! Border towns most often are dirty and full of interesting people.

The national drink of Mexico! (that is for the non-alcohol drinkers, there are other national drinks as well) You will see alot of this anywhere you go in the country! In fact I sometimes wonder if the country has water to drink!

Stay tuned for Part 2


June 5, 2008

I changed my icon this week. Truthfully this picture really spoke to me. The Farmer really liked it too, in fact he said it looked like a really great idea to him and what was I waiting for...we have tractors ready to work, so why didn't I just climb on and get busy! The truth is...don't tell The Farmer ....since he really is at chuch most of the time, so this (above) may possibly be my fate. Now, did I ever think I would be living the farm life? NOOOOOOOOO! I did not. It wasn't exactly what I thought my life would be. I mean after all, The Farmer didn't start out to be a farmer. After graduate education he became an advertising executive with Proctor and know...Tide, Ivory Soap and everything else on the shelf at the store. After a few years of that, the country boy could no longer be contained within an office and we came to Mexico and the farming began. I love it here. I feel blessed to be here. There was a reason greater than farming that The Farmer needed to be here. Sooooo here we are!

I am pretty sure The Farmer would have been thrilled if he had found me with a tractor...a nice new pretty one. It may have been the only thing that could have made our life together better:)

Fried Green Tomatos

June 4, 2008

My Grandfather grew up in the hills of Kentucky and brought into our family flavors of his youth. So, as a child I remember that he loved fried chicken (mostly KFC) with all the trimmings. He also enjoyed Fried Green Tomatoes which were cooked quite often in my home as I was growing up. I in turn, have introduced them to the Farmer and the kids and they also love them. It is a long process to get a red tomato from our garden....we pick the green ones almost as fast as they appear. This is what I found in the garden this morning (above). Fried Green Tomatoes are very simple to make and very yummy to eat. First, select firm green tomatoes and wash and trim them.
Next, chop (chunky) the green tomatoes and place into a bowl.
Dust with flour, enough that each piece of green tomato is coated. Note: I have tried many other methods, dipping in egg or cornmeal or a combination of all of the above. For me and my family we just love plain and simple. A light coating of flour is perfection for us.
Place the green tomatoes in a large frying pan with 2T. of melted butter and cook until the flour coating becomes brown and your mouth begins to water!
Perfection on a plate! Fried Green Tomatoes. We love them served with a little ketchup. The flavor is a little tart, a little sweet and very delicious! Enjoy!

These Make Me Happy!

June 4, 2008

ARTICHOKES!!! They are my favorite, they have been all my life. Back in the day, my Mom would always let us choose what we wanted to eat for our birthday dinner, and I would always choose artichokes. When you purchase them in the store, they start at $1.50 each and are usually more than that. We discovered that our climate is perfect for growing artichokes. Horray for us! We watch and we wait until the first one shows itself and each person secretly hopes that no one else has seen it. Today is the day....we have three ready to the question will be....who will eat them. I am pretty sure that the Farmer and I will enjoy them for lunch.....while the children are at school. Shhhhh, Don't tell!
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