May 22, 2012


Where has it gone?...15 years???...
The Rooster celebrates his 15th birthday today...and for me the birthday's of my kids are a time of looking back... and looking a little into the future, not too far...but a little. Interestingly, The Rooster had to write a report about himself this past week...in order to do that we opened the scrapbooks of his early childhood and did alot of "remembering." That was alot of fun! The day The Rooster was born, was a very happy day. I had been in bed for the first part of my pregnancy with him because of some complications. While I layed in bed...The Farmer did his best to help out with PreShie and The Boy. One day he brought me the sweetest...smallest...Hummingbird nest he had found in the orchard. I still have it in a pretty bottle, sitting on my dresser.  Rooster's grandparents were present when he was born, which was extra special....and he quickly became the "pet" of his older siblings.


He has brought so much joy to our family...and has been a great comfort when we have had some hard experiences. Today we celebrate The Rooster with a cousin lunch...and an Eagle Court of Honor tonight! We are blessed to have The Rooster as part of our family! We love you Rooster!!


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Matt Skinner said...

Happy Birthday Roost! Love you buddy.

Uncle Matt

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