Ordinary Days....

May 8, 2012


I love days like today. Lots of clouds in the sky....it is just beautiful!
Our life right now....
*Saturday or Sunday we will get to talk to Elder Jones!!  His mission gets to Skype, we are sooo excited!
*Violet the little Longhorn, is skinny!!  Her Mom...Carne is having a hard time feeding her. the Vet. has been by...shots have been given...extra hay is being consumed...all in the effort to
help her feed little Violet.  In the meantime...she enjoys a bottle both morning and night.  We still have  hope that Carne is going to come through....she is mothering in all other ways...
just a little short on the "comida."
*The Rooster and The Farmer both have birthday's coming up...
that should be fun....The Farmer is going to have a "BIG" one;)
*The Rooster's passion at the moment is fishing...that is where he can be found every evening...
*PreShie and Rooster just returned from a weekend with the Thatcher Cousins...they had such a fun time!
They are a great group of cousins!!
*PreShie was accepted to a program at BYU that she will attend for a week this Summer, we have been waiting a LONG time to hear if she was accepted....she is very excited about that!
*The Farmer is struggling with his annual back problems...he is hunched over a little and isn't having too much fun with that.  By the end of the day he is in pretty bad shape!
That's what stress and back problems will do for you!
*We are enjoying Artichokes from our garden....YUM!!  The other plants in the garden are coming along beautifully...and before long we will be enjoying tomato's and lots of squash.

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