A Simple Pleasure...

May 10, 2012


The last couple of mornings have been cold. We have had some much needed rain...along with some very damaging hail in a nearby community. There is a "dicho" or saying, in Spanish that goes like this... "when there is rain in May...there is no corn for the horse." And I must admit that anytime that rain comes in May...there is usually some damage that comes with it. I guess those "old timers" who made up the "dichos" knew what they were talking about.
Anyway...yesterday in the cool morning I did a little gardening...checked on the chickens...and decided that they would really enjoy some fresh alfalfa

I headed to the Solecito....and picked a basket full of green alfalfa...then checked in on our little Violet the Longhorn. She is doing well....growing a little everyday. And then I returned home and presented the chickens with the fresh alfalfa. They are well fed chickens...but when the "greens" arrive you would think they were starving, by their excitement. It was fun to watch them enjoy themselves...it was fun to spend a few minutes...before my busy day took over....picking a little alfalfa at the Sol.

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