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May 15, 2012

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Last Friday and Saturday was our Anual Father's and Son's outing. This time it was in the nearby mountains. It is also Turkey season, and The Rooster saw it as an opportunity to do a little hunting. The story went like this...The Farmer called it in....and The Rooster shot it. That was how they both told the story. I guess I was hoping for a few more details. But that summed it all up! The Farmer did say that The Rooster was really excited when he knew he had gotten the turkey...
he jumped up and down.

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The Missionary Boy has asked for a copy of the picture to carry with him...I thought that was really sweet!;) The turkey was cleaned. The Rooster shared the meat with some very happy men. And the remaing meat will be made into Mole' by The Farmer's Mother. It was a great day for The Rooster!

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