The Rooster's Court Of Honor....

May 30, 2012


On his very birthday...The Rooster officially became an Eagle Scout!
He has worked on it for a long time with alot of help from many people....
The Rooster's great motivation was to beat his older brother.
He wanted to earn the Eagle before the brother did...with more merit badges than
the brother had.  Even it was only 1 more;)

It worked well for me....not alot of  "encouragement" was needed along the way!
The Rooster has enjoyed Scouts, so it wasn't too hard to keep him moving.
He is lucky to have a Dad and a brother who led the way in scouting, as well
as several uncles and cousins.


I am personally very happy it is done!

I love how The Farmer is looking at his Rooster....

It was the perfect ending to a very fun day....
celebrating the birth of our Rooster!


After the Court of Honor...we enjoyed a celebration/Birthday dinner...
The Rooster chose...
Cafe Rio Salads and Pina Colada Cake
Way to go Rooster!!


1 comment :

Pedaling said...

Big Happenings....Looks like the perfet celebration.

When TJ...yes, our Only boy and Eagle Scou,t received his eagle...we had a total moron in that calling...well, he's not really a moron, I like him and all, but when it came to that calling he was horrible and pretty much screwed up everything that had to do with a successful Court of Honor...It was really bad.

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