It's A Girl!!!

May 2, 2012

016 Born early this morning..."Violet" the Longhorn. A total and complete surprise!!
In fact, I was working on today's blog post, when a knock came at the door.  The Darlings had
already left for school, and it is a little early for visitors....but a the door was one of the men that work
at the Solecito where the Longhorn family live.  With a big smile on his face, the man announced that
Violet had been born.  To which I said..."WHAT????"  And then he repeated the announcement again!  The workers know that I carry my camera everywhere I go, but he made sure to tell
me to bring my camera so I could take some photos of the new little lady!
Just a couple of days ago, The Farmer and I were enjoying our morning walk, when we came to
the Longhorn family, I asked The Farmer if he thought "Carne" the Momma Longhorn, was
pregnant....she looked a little filled out;)  The Farmer said he had no idea, that I should call his brother...who is a rancher...and get his opinion.  So Uncle "Rancher" visited the Longhorn family,
and noticed that "Chencho"...the calf from last year...was still nursing...horns and all!
For that reason, he said he didn't think "Carne" was expecting.
My first response was...."how in heavens name is Chencho still nursing....his horns are
pretty big!!!"  And Uncle Rancher said..."well...he found a way..."
Violet is so sweet....we will figure out her complete name later today when The Darlings return
from school.  I am not sure what we are going to do with all the Longhorns...but
for the moment...they are alot of fun!


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

What a beautiful little gal!!! so fun...


Cathy said...

What a darling little calf!!! So sweet! PLEASE don't eat her!

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