What A Moible Pool Looks Like....

May 2, 2012


It began as a little innocent cousin fun! It was a warm day...and the cousin "energy" was running high! One cousin spent the afternoon filling water balloons, and preparing the "mobile" pool, while the other cousins finished their afternoon at school. 007

It was a great idea...it was a creative idea...it was the perfect idea.... 012
011 018

And then it happened...car problems...and it seemed the party was over before it began...until... 021 020 024

The Farmer got involved...he thought The Cousins had gone to so much work not to be able to enjoy themselves. He tried to fix the car...and was unsuccessful...and then he came up with the best idea of
of all.....

Why not pull them through town...
And so he hooked up a tow rope to the 4-wheeler and pulled that load of cousins,
and the mobile pool, all through town!  He got soaked...hit by several
water balloons...he was a great sport!  It was one of those Summer afternoons that won't
soon be forgotten...it will be one of those stories they will share...over and over again.
It was some good fun!
Those cousins know how to have a good time!!


LaNae said...

You guys are having way too much fun!

Cathy said...

What a creative, FUN idea! I love it when kids use creativety to entertain themselves! Love it!

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