Missionary And Mum's Monday....

May 14, 2012


It was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend....


It was filled with sweet gifts from The Rooster...made in wood shop at school...


(This was last year's gift...I am getting a bit of a collection!)


I LOVED the beautiful handmade card from PreShie....so pretty and thoughtful;)


And one of the greatest gifts of the day was the phone call/Skpye we had with The Missionary Boy!! Oh my goodness it was incredible to see him and hear him!!! The cousins all arrived to each take a few moments with him. The Farmer's Mother also stopped by to say hello. He was able to Skype from the home of some wonderful members in his ward. We were thrilled to "meet" them and see the people who are caring and loving The Boy while he is away. They were great!!! I hope we get to meet in person one day. We also got to "meet" The Missionary Boy's companion...from Switzerland...he is so great! They have become very dear friends. And I might add that the cousins thought he was one handsome companion;)


We talked about everything! He shared some very special experiences with us...and The Farmer in turn shared some great things with his missionary son. We laughed...we shed some tears together... we were emotionally exhausted when it was all over;) It was the most incredible Mother's Day yet!! Oh...and one last very special gift...The Farmer had a BIG choice to make...and he chose his family...he is a very dutiful man...and so the choice was a hard one...but it is one of the most special gifts that he has given to me...I do love that Farmer of mine;) The Missionary Boy may be headed for another move....I guess we will find out on Wednesday!!

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